Monday, 16 April 2012

Logies: Best & Worst Dressed.

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for my extended absence from this blog. I unintentionally neglected it but I promise I'll try and make more of an effort from this day forward. Now, onto the fun stuff.

The Logies are not necessarily my favourite event of the year but somehow every April I find myself glued to the television cheering with joy and yelling in disgust at who wins and doesn't win awards. But I think the best part of the evening is of course the Red Carpet. 

Here are my picks for best & worst dressed:


Delta Goodrem
As always Delta shines like the angel that she is. Beautiful in a white, Grecian inspired design, with flowing curls, I couldn't look past the singer as one of my favourites.

Asher Keddie
A unanimous favourite across all social media platforms, Asher stood out from the crowd. Beautiful lace with a hint of colour, the actress looked chic, classy and very Hollywood.

Kate Ritchie
Navy and sequins. Enough said. Two of my favourite things combined. This dress highlighted Kate's gorgeous figure.

Melanie Vallejo
I'm not sure exactly what it is that I love about Melanie's ensemble. The combination of the high donut bun, red lips & white just makes me happy.

Natalie Gruzlewski
Brunette locks swept to the side, ivory, lace. I just die for this dress. Amazing choice by the Channel Nine presenter.


Sandra Sully
There is something about this patchwork sequin number that gets under my skin. I don't even know if it's the dress or the way her newsreader hair is swept back, but this whole ensemble just doesn't do it for me.

Lisa Wilkinson
Hate the cut of the dress's neckline and the earrings. However props for the colour!

Sigrid Thornton
Gorgeous lady and amazing actress but this ensemble is far too casual and cluttered for a red carpet event.

Tania Zaetta
Wait didn't Kim Kardashian wear the same dress to last year's Grammy awards? It was wrong on a Hollywood celebrity and it's wrong on her. 

Terri Irwin
This is just all kinds of wrong!

Yumi Stynes
The hair, the mullet, the pointed shoes. I don't even have any words for the Channel Ten presenter's look.

The Hot Hits. See more photos here!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My new mantra.

Good morning!

Recently I've felt a lack of inspiration and dedication to the things I love. I need a boost in life so that I can reach my full potential. Whilst I was trawling blogs this morning I came across this. I think it is something any one of us can use to get us in a positive mind frame for the rest of the day.
Keeping all this mind, be kind today, smile, love and laugh. You deserve to be happy!
From Melbourne With Love. X

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Decor Inspiration.

Initially I intended to use this blog to discuss my love of fashion and celebrity however for my first proper post I've been sucked in by the beauty of interior design. While I've always loved decorating my own space in my bedroom, I currently need more inspiration than ever as I slowly but surely transform my room from teenager into adult.

In the next few pictures are everything I could dream of in a house and more. The colour, the little bits & bobs, the cushions, the light fixtures; everything!

The silver vases in the background are to die for!

I love the contrast of the pink with the grey bench and charcoal wall art.

This is exactly the verandah I'd adore if I had my own place. Bright bright bright!

Completely dead looking at how pretty this bedroom is!

This staircase is pure perfection!

From Melbourne With Love. X