Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Decor Inspiration.

Initially I intended to use this blog to discuss my love of fashion and celebrity however for my first proper post I've been sucked in by the beauty of interior design. While I've always loved decorating my own space in my bedroom, I currently need more inspiration than ever as I slowly but surely transform my room from teenager into adult.

In the next few pictures are everything I could dream of in a house and more. The colour, the little bits & bobs, the cushions, the light fixtures; everything!

The silver vases in the background are to die for!

I love the contrast of the pink with the grey bench and charcoal wall art.

This is exactly the verandah I'd adore if I had my own place. Bright bright bright!

Completely dead looking at how pretty this bedroom is!

This staircase is pure perfection!

From Melbourne With Love. X

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  1. I love interiors that are white with pops of colour. I have a whole album dedicated to decor inspiration- now all I need is a lot of money and a house to decorate ha..hmmm!!

    Following you on Tumblr!

    Luc X